Panda God & Fire: An Agnostic Sends Her Kids to Vacation Bible School

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[Editor's Note: It's Vacation Bible School season. This post by Jennifer at Flesworthy made me giggle-snort. When I was a child, friends of mine came to VBS with me who weren't raised in the church or whose parents had vastly different religious views than my own. I wonder if they had similar conversations with their parents when they got home each day? (I sure hope so!) Do you -- as a non-Christian -- send your kids to VBS? Do you -- as a Christian -- invite your non-Christian friends' kids to VBS? -Jenna]

When Agnostics Send Their Kids to Vacation Bible School:

VBS_2011JENNIFER: How was your first day of Bible School? What did you learn today?
HENRY: God songs.
JENNIFER: God songs, huh? What did you learn about God?
HENRY: He can make things on fire.


Henry and Eleanor are in their room, singing some of those “God songs” and discussing them.
ELEANOR: No, Henry! God isn’t wild, but PANDA GOD is.

Read on to learn just why the whale spit out Jonah.

Photo Credit: campdarby (which is perfect for this post, no?).

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