When All Else Fails, You Could Always Retire in Prison

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My husband and I were talking the other day about retirement. I filled out some retirement calculator and put in "0" for what I expected to get from Social Security. He's a financial consultant and basically said, "Hey, we're all going to be doing some form of paid work until we die. Nobody retires anymore for good." I've been walking around sort of pondering that in a rather depressed state for the past week, until I found Heather's post that gave me all the answers: PRISON! Finally, a system my taxes support that might be able to give me the hook-up in retirement!

Heather writes:

Or, instead of going rogue, go Robin Hood! Rob a bank or (better yet!) a Wall Street brokerage firm with the intent to “take from the rich and give to the poor.” You’ll qualify for the retirement plan and look like a mensch!

*Disclaimer: She is kidding, and so am I. I'm totally going to fund my retirement by raiding old appliances for copper I can sell illegally. Um. STILL KIDDING!

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Credit Image: kerryvaughan on Flickr

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