When are Peter-Pan and Wendy going to tie the knot?

I'm relatively new to blogging but I tend to view it like a journal that is public and you don't mind the world reading. So today I'm going to write about my long-term, on and off again, boyfriend who reminds me of Peter Pan. Well, we met almost five years ago on our first day of graduate school and fell in love. I can honestly say I've loved him every day since then but this is no fairy tale love story. It's actually quite tragic in some respects because when you put us together, it's like putting Peter Pan and Wendy together and asking them to have a serious relationship when all we want to do is fly. The world tries to make us stay grounded, but it's a challenge to make two dreamers do that.

Where do Peter Pan and Wendy types meet? In graduate school creative writing programs where both people don't want to give up their creative endeavors so they decide to go to school to keep their dreams alive. And that's where we met. Grad school is over now and we are in the real world or at least I feel like I am. He is in the world but I'm working and he's doing his thing, dipping in the world of never never land, creating still but not planning on marrying me any time soon. Most people would look at us and think, why haven't they got married yet? It's been five years. Today, I felt extremely euphoric because I was in yoga class, laying flat in final savasana and I thought to myself that there is no one I'd rather be with than my boyfriend. I've had little affairs here and there and we have been on again off again for some time but now we are together and I'm thankful. It's been frustrating to get Peter Pan to be in the real world but the fact that he still navigates through never never land is why I love him so much.

He's interesting. He's the only man who has let me fly with him and sets me right back down in the real world without throwing me or insisting that I be any specific way or do anything other than be myself. He occasionally sets his feet down beside me but I just know that we are getting very close to flying together very soon, making a life of wonder and reality, navigating through the imaginary and real worlds, blurring the lines of reality.

Even if we were to get married tomorrow, I wouldn't be fully happy because it's just someone elses' expectation of what two late twenties individuals are supposed to be doing with their lives. But most people aren't Peter Pan and Wendy. Most people live in one world and don't need to do what we have to do. If one of us flies it won't work. We both need to fly to make our relationship work.


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