When Being a Foodie is NOT Cool

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The latest thing seems to be being a foodie.  Eating food that we had never even heard of as children.  Taking pleasure in the best restaurants and the finest wines.  As the world has grown smaller, our choices have grown larger.  And that is a good thing.

But as the foodie fad has grown, I've also noticed a backlash building.  One where people are verbally attacked for where they ate dinner or what their menu consisted of that night.  And that is decidedly NOT cool!

When someone posts that they are at McDonalds for instance...you will see replies stating "That place is disgusting!"  "How can you even eat there?!"  "Oh, gross!!" .  Ok...so you personally don't like that restaurant.  Have you stopped to think that the poster may be a single mom?  That the dollar menu may be the only way she can afford a special treat for her kids? 

Or let's use the example of chain restaurants...Applebee's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili's, etc.  I've seen the same kind of comments.  When you make those remarks, did you know that the "2 for $20" deal may be the only way that couple can have a date night and stay on budget?  That they would love to go to a high-end restaurant...but have made the conscious choice to be content with what they can afford?  Have they actually responded in such a hateful manner to any of YOUR posts on what you like to eat?

Being kind is always attractive.  Being a snob??  Not so much.


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