Since when is being heahtly unhealthy??

I’ve been thinking about writing this post ever since I read Becky at Olives and Wine’s post last week about intuitive eating not working for her. I’m not really sure how to word it.I also thought it would go well with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud link up.. I am definitely thinking out loud on this one! Please know-  I love the blogging community and I don’t want to come off the wrong way. I certainty don’t mean to single anyone out but I also want to get my thoughts out there. I would just like to generate discussion about something I have been noticing about blogs lately.


Last year when I started blogging and discovered the blogging community, most blogs I read were of girls who posted their healthy lifestyles and workout plans. I found this inspiring, and it really helped me create a healthy lifestyle and felt like I was part of a community. It was normal to post a workout, or a “healthy” recipe. Over the past couple of months, though I feel like the blogging world has shifted into this mentality that if you’re trying to be healthy or restricting in anyway, you have an eating disorder, or it’s not good for you. This has lead me to notice many  more bloggers proclaiming to eat and posting copious amounts of unhealthy food all in the name of what they call “intuitive eating”.

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

Believe me…I ate enough Christmas cookies for the entire HLB community this year….

If intuitive eating works for you….great! Keep doing it. I seriously mean that. I even contemplated it for a couple of months. I even justified eating things because of it. I’d reach for a piece of chocolate and say “This is healthy! I’m being intuitive!” Hey I think I even talked about it once in a post.  I think something we forget in the blogging world a lot is that not one thing works for everyone. That’s why it’s so difficult and possibly detrimental to compare our eating habits and gauge them against ours and determine if it’s normal.

kale and eggs for breakfast

I love nourishing my body with delicious, whole foods that make me feel amazing

All of a sudden, I thought that if I posted a healthy recipe or wrote about how I was doing a sugar detox, I was questioning whether I was “disordered” or unhealthy. Since when is trying to eat healthy unhealthy!?!? I am so confused! The weird thing is I never would have thought trying to eat healthy was ‘disordered’ if it wasn’t for reading blogs! It’s all about perspective.  I’m suddenly questioning whether or not something that makes me feel good is good because of what other people say. But I shouldn’t focus on other people. I should focus on what works for me. It’s messing with my head, I’ll tell ya! I miss when eating healthy was healthy!!!!

21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook

Can’t wait to use these new Paleo books!

I understand that the stress that trying to restrict and count calories and worry and feel guilty about eating is a real problem- believe me I deal with it all the time. I think it’s pretty much normal. But I don’t think it controls my life. For some people it does, and for them intuitive eating is probably a good thing. It just doesn’t work for me. I’ve learned I’m sort of an “all or nothing” person. I can’t just do “everyone in moderation” or “try to eat healthier”. That’s why I like Paleo because it gives me parameters on my eating. And eating Paleo, even though it does restrict food groups, is NOT unhealthy! I’m sorry! It’s not about losing weight…I eat massive amounts of good food. It’s about putting nourishing foods into my body and taking care of it. That is healthy for me.

Eating things like Christmas cookies, ice cream and drinking make me feel like poo. If I want to eat those things- I eat them. Believe me….I do not restrict! I deal with the consequences of feeling like crap the next day and move on. Every day is a new day. I feel freaking AMAZING when I eat well and work out. And that’s what makes me happy. So that’s what I am going to do. So call me unhealthy or disordered if you want….but this is what works for me!

Thoughts? When does the line between being healthy and an unhealthy obsession with food begin to blur?

What is your food philosophy?


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