Comedy, Education, Mayhem and Mimosas: When Blogging Conference Networking Goes Right

Shai: Where is everybody? We start in 5 minutes.

Eva: I don't know, but I do know that Rae can stop liking these statuses on Facebook and log on already.... wait, she didn't get the invitation. Let me send that again.

Shai: I have my wine ready. I wonder what Tanisha is drinking. *pours wine*

Eva: Oh, there they are.

Tanisha: I was here and waiting for the last like 20 minutes. I didn't know what happened. *sips wine*

Rae: Me too. We are all here now, let's do this. *pushes glass out of frame*


Well, that's how I remember the pre-show conversation going - at least the part that I can share here, anyway.

For an introvert, blogging conferences are a place to people watch, and take notes for the most part.  I know, because I am one.  When I signed up for Blogalicious in 2011, I had my best friends from college with me, so I felt really comfortable.  This was our second year attending together, and having them there gave me the confidence to talk to people I didn't know.

On the last day of the conference, I met Shai. I make it a point to get to know at least the person next to me, so I got her name and took to Twitter to check her out (Note: Twitter background checks while someone is standing right there is only acceptable at a blogging conference), and one word caught me... "blerd."

Guess who was feeling froggy after attending the 2:1 Homeschooling conference all by my lonesome (My BFF's definitely were sitting that one out)? I was. So I registered for Blogging While Brown, and took the train up to Philly, with no familiar faces there to greet me.

On the first day, I met Rae. I had picked a table right up front (being in the back AND alone, was just too depressing), and she was there too. I got her card, and found out she was in DC. She was cool and funny, so I kept her card in the "people to keep up with" pocket of my laptop bag.

On the last day of Blogging While Brown, I had chosen a new group of folks to sit with, like I had at every session and meal, and as we were exchanging cards around the table, I hear, "Eva?" 15 (or so) years after graduating, here I was sitting right next to Tanisha.  She and I went to college together, and needless to say, I had changed. Still, she saw "Eva" through the layer of motherhood, years of wear and tear, and my new teenie weenie afro. How cool is that? Very. My maiden name wasn't even on the card.

Shortly after I connected with these three ladies, Shai started organizing Sunday brunches, and who would be at the table at the first one? Rae and Tanisha.  For the brunches following that first one, bloggers came and went, but the four of us remained the constants.

Then, during a Facebook conversation between the four of us, we decided to give our friends a family a peek into our brunch conversations.  They are a unique blend of comedy and education, mayhem and mimosas, that we felt needed to be shared.  

Here's what happened next:

Click here to see the video if you don't see it above:

We called it "Ask a Blogger: Friends and Family Edition".  

Read more about how we did it -

Why we did it -

See what people thought -

Look out for all of us at BlogHer this year. Connect with us on Twitter before the conference so that we can be on the lookout for you!  Have fun at BlogHer, and make sure to step outside of your comfort zone to make new connections. That smile, handshake, and exchange of cards, could be the start of a beautiful thing!

Shai is a business and lifestyle blogger - @shaiunfiltered on Twitter

Tanisha is a wine blogger - @girlmeetsglass on Twitter

Rae is a writer and relationship blogger - @fromraewithlove on Twitter  - @whatevaloves on Twitter - @socamomdc on Twitter


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