When Blogging Gets Ugly

Mine eyes have seen the coming of the gory of the blog.
It's happened. I've been blogging enough to see blogging drama with my own eyes. I was once told to keep an eye out on Twitter for the drama. But I honestly never thought I'd ever see it unfolding before my own eyes--not once, but twice. The first time it was a few weeks ago regarding Blissdom. The second time, it was yesterday afternoon, over the alleged theft of blogging ideas.
Was it necessary? Well, that depends on who you ask. Friends of the "offender" will think the drama that unfolded on Twitter was irrational, unnecessary and immature. Friends of the "offended" will be angry and obviously be supportive of their friend. And, depending on who your friend is, the alleged title could also be swapped. At the end of the day, and no matter which camp you belong in, it was unequivocally and excessively mean.

It is downright DISGUSTING and REVOLTING to bring anyone's weight and appearance into an argument. It also speaks volumes of you when you retweet that crock. If you want to have a catfight over something, by all means have at it. I'll be here with my popcorn in one hand and my pinot in the other. But be fair. And when people offer to give you advice to help you save face, take it with dignity and humility.

I've been on the receiving end of this nonsense before. It stemmed from a similar situation in which I was accused of allegedly stealing an idea. The irony is that this person has turned around and has done exactly the same thing she accused me of.  That is what we call a hypocrite, no? I digress. But let me tell you, it takes a LOT of self-control not to "out" the offender. Oh, trust me.  I really REALLY wanted to "out" this person.

But then I wondered the following...

What would family and friends think of me? Would they be disappointed with me? How about ashamed? And, I have friends who I've met through church who read this as well. (To those folks, I apologize for the occasional F bomb and sugah honey iced tea).

How would other bloggers view me? Would they think I stooped to that person's level? Would they choose to terminate any future ventures with me? Would they ever trust me?
How would my sponsors see me? Was this what they signed up for? Would they be embarrassed to be on my sidebar? Would they think that my behavior would sully their reputation?
How would I feel afterwards? Would I have remorse? Would I feel like I jeopardized my integrity? The last thing I'd want my readers to think is that I am a volatile person--or, even worse--an unstable person.
How would it affect my blogging friendships? It's not easy developing blogging friendships. It's a little like online dating. Some start off hot and heavy (ow ow!) and then fizzle out. Some look like they'll never happen but then they surprisingly blossom into a long-lasting relationship.
And...most importantly...
Who the EFF cares?! Emphasis on the EFF. Did that surprise you? Well, it shouldn't. Take away this blog, this computer, the internet, and who am I? Does this blog define who I am? No, it doesn't. But it illustrates who I am. How I voice my concerns on social media also illustrates who I am. And if I can't handle nonsense drama with an ounce of class and maturity...then I probably shouldn't be blogging to begin with.

I know sometimes we all (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) can get carried away from time to time, but for the love of all things holy, let's please not bash each other in public. There are far much more important things happening in this world--and I'm not referring to the blogging world--that we should be paying attention to. North Korea, for one. Nuclear war, anyone? Yeah. That kind of stuff.




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