When the Bully Just Might Be Correct

When I was in school, there wasn’t much talk about bullying like there is today. But, when I look back I was definitely a victim of bullying.

How do I know this? It’s haunted me my whole life. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about at least one of the comments that was said about me when I was younger. It’s likely the most vivid memory in my mind. And, many times, I think he was correct.

Vinny was standing in this middle of the street making fun of me like he always did. He knew I liked him, and he would make fun of me for the way I, well my mother dressed me, my glasses and all sorts of things.

But, one day, he said something that I remember so clearly and in front of his friend Paul. “Dude, she looks like Medusa.” At first I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but everyone started laughing and agreeing. I knew it head to be something terrible, or at least that seemed terrible to a 13-year-old girl with frizzy hair and glasses.

When I looked it up, it was what I had expected: An ugly woman from Greek mythology.

How I feel about myself, and complete lack of self esteem can stem from that very moment, well of course coupled with the fact that I always had to do the asking when it came to prom, dinner dances and even in college, to my sorority’s formal (even when I was 120 pounds soaking wet and popping diet pills like candy).

As I approach my 33rd birthday, have not been in a committed relationship in at least eight years and am having a terrible experience trying my hand at online dating, maybe, just maybe the bully was correct.


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