When Can You Start Calling Yourself a Writer?

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Having spent time with enough authors, I assure you that no one on the publishing continuum (except perhaps JK Rowling, and I can't vouch for her) feels that they've "made it" and can now phone in the rest of their writing career. But Theresa's Tales of Teaching takes it a step backward, asking where the line is where one crosses over into that comfortable zone of feeling that they're on their way to... something.

Is it when you finally acquire the agent after all those long months of querying? What about when your agent sells your book or someone buys it? Or you even get a second book deal -- when do you sit back comfortably and start thinking of yourself as a writer?

Theresa finishes off the post with a list of promises of things she'll do and things she won't do when she finally gets published.

I will not brag about any success because I’ll be too busy pinching myself and waiting for something to go wrong. (Irish people – even half ones - know not to get too big for their britches.)

I will still comment on blogs, especially to the bloggers who comment on mine. (Though maybe less often.)

Go read her list and add your own promises of what you'll do when you finally hold your book in your hands.

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