When Did Birthday Gifts For Ten Year Olds Become So Expensive?

How many of you remember back during the days of celebrating birthdays and your proud parents gift giving on your special day? I remember when I was a preteen and the am/fm hand held radio I received for Christmas made me the happiest girl on the planet!

The ten speed bicycle became a thrill ride for my brothers LOL and life went on breezy, glorious and uncomplicated. Parents made their children proud on those special birthdays and holidays. My, how things have changed!

Recently, one of my granddaughters celebrated her 10th birthday. I've always made it a point in the past, to pick her brain a bit way before buying her a special gift. When I asked her what she truly wanted from the bottom of her heart, this birthday? She haltingly stated how she knew she wasn't going to get it (reverse psychology) but she wanted the DSI- what the heck, was this child speaking greek?!

I did a bit of research on the DSI & yes, I was awakened to the cost of technology for ten year olds...My daughter stated "no way" when I approached her with this birthday request. I then returned to my granddaughter's second request for her special day. "Ok, you know last year, I didn't really get the American Doll I was promised, sooo."

Okay, then, the American Doll it is. Again, a "nay mom!" from my daughter...Of course, I'm well aware of the economic situation. But, this is my granddaughter and she's turning ten!  Oh shucks, what I wouldn't give to be a celebrity right about now:) Spending huge amounts of cash on 3, 5 & 6 year olds birthdays they will hardly remember and shelling out thousands of dollars to host their teens coming out parties- well, it sucks!

But, life is grand. I'm shopping around for the best deals and I'm determined to grant my ten year old granddaughter one of her birthday wishes this year. Hmmm, I wonder if she'll consider a movie and pizza at Chuckie Cheese?


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