When Did This Happen?!?

When did I start buying "exercise" apparel knowing that I would rarely, if ever use them for actually excercising...but rather use them for those endless trips to Target & the grocery store? When it feels like just yesterday I was loving the newest & trendiest styles of clothing?

When did I start asking my hairsylist for that wash & go hairstyle knowing that I wouldn't get it cut again for months...when it feels like just yesterday I was asking for a new fun & funky do promising to be back in six weeks?

When did I stop buying the sexy underwear that never showed panty lines and begin buying granny...ahem...comfortable undies? When it feels like just yesterday I wouldn't be caught dead purchasing anything covering my entire behind?

When did I become such a "mom" when it feels like just yesterday I was making fun of my own mother for acting like "such a mom!" with her mom clothes...mom hairstyles...& her mom underwear.

 -- Jen


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