When did we break up with America?


At what point did we break up with America? 

Was she cheating on the ‘average citizen?’ 

What was the date and time that this happened? 

Who was her best friend then?

Why did we keep it to ourselves?

Did our anger just grow over time?

Did our parents know what was happening?

Was our gang of friends in on this?

Would we ever be the same as a group?

Were our hearts broken at one point?

What the hell happened?


Obviously, something happened to,America.  Her innocence was taken away.  That was obvious.  Did she do it for money?  She was so upset, but she really didn’t want anyone to know, I’m sure.  I think her purse was stolen at the same time.  At least, that it was the rumor was.  She had gone to church for some emotional help, but it was a Wednesday night and the doors were locked.  I guess the church had been robbed earlier, so there were issues.  Some of us secretly knew the raping had been happening for a while, but we just ignored it.  What could we do, right? 


We were all just so busy with our own lives.  We knew there were problems withAmerica, but for some reason we couldn’t talk to her face to face.  It was too scary.  So we just walked by her, as though she didn’t exist. Americagot involved in several things that were just too foreign to us.  To us she was out of control, but we had our own problems.  We talked about discussing this major change with her, but we just were a little afraid of the outcome.  We didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’.  The gang eventually just broke up and went on their individual ways.  The gang didn’t seem to be very important any more. 


Interestingly enough,Americawent on her own way, she withdrew and became friends with some really greedy people.  It was just over our heads.  We noticed she was alone a lot.  She wasn’t supported by her friends, or family anymore.  They just didn’t understand all of her undertakings. 


Last I heard she was bunkered up somewhere with her Uncle Sam.  I heard they were just so angry with life they purchased several AK47’s.  How weird was that?  I understood that 11,000 people had been shot in a very short time.  This was very upsetting toAmericaand her Uncle Sam, especially when she found out 20 children had been shot all at once, but they continued purchasing weapons to protect themselves, from themselves.


Americacalled some of the gang, but they had moved on to other things and she didn’t seem that important to them anymore.  They each had their individual ways of thinking about her, and that was more important than she was. 


Maybe I’ll giveAmericaa ring, just to see how she is doing these days. I miss theAmericaI knew before she was raped.







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