When do you "let go"?

I'm a work in progress. There's a constant battle going on inside of myself. Maybe you're going through it as well. I have a hard time identifying when to hold on to something, and when to let it go.


I was reminded of this "problem" this past week, when I went out dancing. I had every intention of unwinding, having a good time, and getting some much needed girlfriend time. About an hour into the evening, the ex-girlfriend of my friend showed up. If you follow my blog, then you know whom I refer. She's the one who called me on my 40th birthday to tell me I could no longer be friends with "her" boyfriend. There are some people that can really push my buttons.


My 18-year-old-self reared her ugly head, and wanted to confront the "troll". I recognized that I was still lit up about the situation. I felt like mouthing "F*&% You" when she looked my way. I wanted to brawl. To feel justice somehow, for being accused of things that really didn't exist, only in her head. I wanted to intimidate her. Instead, my 40-year-old-self took over. This is the conversation that went on inside of myself:



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