When does memory loss require a trip to the doctor?

There is a difference between age-related cognitive decline (which isn't necessarily inevitable!), dementia and Alzheimer's. But for us non-medical folks, it's often cause for concern when we walk into a room only to forget what we were going to do.

Some researchers wanted to help, so they created some videos to help you understand the differences and what can be done. You can find them at: www.freedemliving.com. (Yes, it's "Free dem" not "Free dom" - presumably for dementia.)

In the meantime, I found another piece about how to tell when your memory loss is serious enough to head to the doctor. (Read the full piece HERE: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/272813.php)

In it they explain that these 3 cases are cause for concern:

1. You forget where you are or what day it is

2. You start repeating the same story every day without realizing it. (I suppose someone would have to tell you.)

3. You get lost somewhere that you've known for years.



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