I always like the saying “When a door shuts, a new one is about to open, but the hallways can be a long wait…..” Well, I think if we are truly listening to our Souls we  will most often know when it is time to move on in life….Waiting too long can get us stuck in the hallways of life for a while waiting for the next right opportunity in life….For we missed the great opportunity by waiting too long…..Waiting can be a good thing when we are waiting on the right things while preparing for them….but some people wait too long and miss the open door that was waiting for them….

Of course we have to discern whether a choice is right for us or not….but if it is a right choice and we wait we may miss out….miss out on something really good. Most of us know right up front whether something is a good choice or not…..Sometimes by missing out on a good choice we get a great choice…..whereas other times we miss out on a great choice and have to wait a long time for another one……

When a door shuts in our lives it is usually because it was meant to shut. If we didn’t shut it ourselves it got shut on us. Sometimes we simply do not listen and that is when the door shuts on us…and we enter the hallway having to wait….The hallway time is not wasted time….It is time for growth and preparation….Yet, we likely would not have had to spend time in the hallways of life had we listened when the first right opportunity came our way……We could have shut the last door on our own….

It is all in discernment….If something is right for one’s life then likely they should stay put….I am talking in situations where it is right to move on. Somethings we should stick with….Great discernment is key to making great choices….

Life is always about open doors and closed doors….We should not fear either….For our journey through life is like walking through doors….That is simply how life works….


WE ALL GET STUCK IN LIFE…..That is simply part of life…..There is Bad Stuck, STUCK IN-BETWEEN, and GOOD STUCK……Depending on which one you are in you may be very happy or you may not be……

Bad Stuck is Obvious….It is being stuck in situations that are usually quite unhappy…….Situations usually that people “boxed themselves into” over time…..Many “bad stuck” situations came over time and not suddenly….although there are times sudden occurrences can change one’s life at no fault of their own…Getting out of a bad stuck situation can take time and lots of effort…..especially if it took time to get there in the first place….One can get out of bad stuck….but it is them who will have to make it happen….

There is “Stuck  In-Between” which is really a place of waiting and growing….This is not a bad place. Actually it can be a very good place. This is usually where growth takes place….preparation takes place….and most of our learning takes place in this place…..Stuck In-Between is a place many reside on the way to their dreams….This is often where we see someone working at climbing the Corporate ladder towards the success they dream of, where one is going to college to study for their future career, or a place of new beginnings…..Stuck In-Between is a place of growth…..A place to plant the seeds to one’s dreams….

“STUCK  IN A GOOD PLACE” is where everyone ultimately wants to be….It is a place where all the person’s decisions and work to get them there has finally paid off….It is a place where one is truly happy with every area of their life…..A place where not just good decisions can be made but GREAT decisions can be made…..Everyone has to be “stuck” somewhere in life to achieve anything worthwhile….You can’t be constantly on the move for if you are nothing good can stick to  you. It is in our waiting or being somewhere that much of our growth takes place. When we are in a place we love in life we tend to be able to pick and choose from what we really want….not just what is available to us (which usually isn’t that good)…..Stuck in a good place gives us opportunities we want….and we are able to say “no” to the ones we don’t want….It is simply a great place to be….

Life is a journey….Most people have been in all 3 at one point or the other….If you are not in “Stuck In A Good Place” consider working towards getting there……It may take some time and you may travel through “Stuck In-Between” to get there….but it is all a journey anyhow….so enjoy it…..

 IF YOU WERE IN YOUR FUTURE 20 YEARS FROM NOW......would you say that at this point you are at now that you are doing what you love? What advice would you give yourself for today from your future looking back?


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