When Expecting Fathers Are Also Nesting

Modern Fatherhood; expecting daddies that are also nesting, sharing in on the upcoming responsibilities of their newborn’s arrival, and making sure everything will be ready for their family’s expansion: preparing the clothes, arranging the room, and talking with everyone that will be involved in taking part on that unknown day and hour, a happy surprise to one and all! Fathers Nesting is a new breed of men; they are compassionate and involved, in tune with expecting.

When Expecting Fathers Are Also Nesting

Because in truth, many husbands of a wide age range do more and more understand these days and are openly sympathetic to their wives many  discomforts during the months of pregnancy, and are therefore very much drawn in. Some have even experienced a great deal of similar behavior, such as morning sickness, heartburn, bloating, cramping, backache, cravings, weight gain, and in some extreme cases have even felt labor pains! These symptoms are known as “Couvade Syndrome,” we’ve come to know them as “sympathy pains” or “pregmancy.”

Many will also suffer from “mood swings” and become very emotional, crying at the drop of a hat. And yes, though these symptoms are considered “psychosomatic” the discomforts experienced are nevertheless very real to those feeling the “affliction.”

There are many theories as to the reason for the causes of this syndrome, for example: a father establishing his role in his child’s life, ultimately giving balance to the gender role. But I very much like the other belief, that it has a lot to do with how close a couple has bonded, and that they are most certainly in a well-rounded relationship, or in an equal partnership.

My son-in-law (married to my youngest daughter, Amy) is in expecting mode; he is a father that is also nesting. He is doing his equal share in preparing for the arrival of his little girl: organizing her room and clothes, making arrangements to take a leave of absence—paternity leave—and making sure he has everything covered in the event he should not be here when his wife (my daughter) goes into labor. My son-in-law, Giovanni, who has been seeing to his wife’s comfort and making sure she eats right, has everything pretty much in control.

Here’s wishing my son-in-law, and all other expecting fathers, a very Happy Father’s Day!

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