When Giveaways Require You to Like or Follow

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[Editor's Note: We've all seen people do it -- request people follow or like their blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page in order to be entered in a giveaway. Living, Learning, and Loving Life discusses this phenomenon in a blog post. She explains how she decides whether or not to stick around and enter as well as how she beats the system (and probably others do too). Your thoughts? --Mel]

I really would like some input on this one. Is it just me that finds this too pushy? If you enter blog drawings, do these requirements bother you at all? I'd like to hear from any bloggers who host drawings, as well. Do you think enough of the people who follow you because of drawings stick around, to make it worthwhile? I'm not trying to be mean. I'm really curious.

What are your thoughts on requiring people to follow or like things in order to be entered in a giveaway?

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