When Grammie is in Charge

My son and daughter-in-law went on a getaway to a wedding across the country. Since I live on their same block they asked if I could stay with my three adorable grandchildren, twin boys 5 1/2 and a three year old girl. Sure I said. It is a no rules 4 day extravaganza here in their home. There are only grammie rules-extra treats, staying up as late as they can (which is not past around 9pm) and staying in our jammies and watching TV and Video or just playing Wii.

As any busy active family (with two working parents) these kids have activities-one takes guitar, 2 play TBall, 2 take art lessons and then there are swimming lessons, play dates and of course birthday parties. When grammie is in charge we still do some activities that are already minimally scheduled which can't be canceled but mostly we "relax" as I like to call it. They love staying in their jammies and the luxury is that is a fairly uncommon practice in their busy household.

We live on a wonderful street where we are separated by 5 houses and the street. The neighborhood is filled with kids and there is a lot of just plain old fashion neighborhood gatherings. BBQ's in the front of houses and lots of basketball and hockey and baseball on various lawns-just like when my sons were young (on this same street) and also very similar to my play habits as a child on my old street. My activities were Brownies and Ice skating and it seemed play dates were non existent because we had the block. The big excitement was when we were old enough to walk to the park just two blocks over and play there all afternoon by ourselves. Times were less chaotic and seemingly safer than now. But were they really??? Or were you just left to your own devices to figure out what was safe or dangerous? I know there were still predators as I remember hearing stories about the man in his car by the school or park but it was spoken or published much except by word of mouth.

Times have changed but I am thankful that my grandkids have a mixture of both. But in the end the best days for grammie are those lazy days of summer when I can write and they can watch Star Trek, Baseball and a Princess DVD on tv's and portable DVD players. There is a moment of peace and tranquility until we need breakfast, showers, dressing, activities culminating in a birthday party at 12:45pm. Then there are carpools to the party and pickups and then before you know bedtime and then the glorious part again in the morning when we get to relax for half the day or longer.