When I Fall, Oh I Fall

Frankly, it's fun to fall off the wagon.  Once you biff it, then it's like a free ticket to actively biff it - no more of that mistakingly biff it.  I just go to town.  Sighing, but even in my going "to town" I still wasn't really that horrendous.  The day is almost done and my teeth are brushed and I'm a little bummed out that I didn't manage to fit something more bad into me.  I've missed my chance!

Between the birthday celebrations and then my knee, I really fell apart.  I would have been back on board on Monday, but my knee was super achy and not straightening.  I was also filled with the crazy foods of the weekend that left me feeling hungry and yearning for more.  I weighed three pounds more.  I felt a bit bloated.  None of those things inspires the desire to eat minimally.  And so I didn't.

My knee continued to ache yesterday, so much so that I actually made a doctors appointment.  It was hard to stand and do the dishes or do the laundry or pick up.  Hee - that sounds like an excuse, but really, my knee and leg were so darn sore and achy that it was hard and between kids and work and a friend's birthday dinner, I just had to let things go.

Of course my knee felt better after I made the darn appointment, but it still wasn't straightening out.  The doctor said most likely I have some tears in a tendon and muscle and he pinpointed the area and showed me where to focus the ice and gave some stretches to address this particular zone.  He's a good doctor.  I'm glad I went because everything was so darn sore (including my back from walking weird for three days)f that it was hard to know just where the injury source was.  Now I know so now I should be back on board.

Tomorrow.  Dang it.  I'm still picturing a cheeseburger and fries.  Luckily the friend coming over in the morning has no money so she can't eat out.  

These are not my best days.  But nor are they my worst.  To lots of small steps that could be worse.

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