when I look in the mirror

                            The day begins with a little exercise. You know, something to get the blood going. Then afterward I hit the showers. After I get done drying off I get dressed for the day. I might steal a glance in my mirror to see how things look. I am not a perfectionist, but I do smile and think that I have to keep up the good work! That feeling gets stronger somewhat when I get dressed, noticing that I can still fit in to most of my clothes.I try to remember to comb my hair if I'm going out. I don't really bother with scales that much anymore because they drive me crazy!!!!!! There's this little part of me that is happy that I'm kinda like I was when I was in high school. I'm not going there though ,because it doesn't help me any and I don't want to get picked up by anyone out here. The thing about that is I don't spend every waking hour thinking about my weight-at least I try not to. As long as I'm taking care of myself I figure there's hope for me yet! And yes, I'm talking about what the guys have to say about me good or bad. I sure am glad for that- even though I'm not interested at the moment.

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