When I say I love you, I really do. Except when I'm saying it ironically.

First post of NaBloPoMoFo and it's all about those three little words that you wait and wait for him to say first but then when it's been two months and he still hasn't said them to you,  you take the plunge and say them and then he says "I've been wanting to say that for so long!" and you punch him in the face for making you wait. Or have sex with him. Whatevers.

I say "I love you" all. the. times. I said it to each of my family members last night after celebrating my 35th! birthday. I said it to my babies when I left the house this morning. I said it to my cup of coffee and my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder because they are both supporting me in ways that I really need right now.

I most certainly DO NOT say it to the dogs. I only tolerate them. BECAUSE OF ALL THE BARKING AND WAKING OF THE BABY THAT THEY DO.

I say it all the time because, well, you know, you never know when the terrible is going to happen.

I love you.

Three little words.

je t'aime

Or two if you speak French.