When I Was Younger...

When I was younger…

…I used to laugh at people who counted calories or watched their weight. I thought it was silly and frivolous. Now, I'm older and my hips are fat magnets. I don't mind so much but I also started exercising. Shhh… Don't tell the younger me.

…I used to complain about other people's children and what undisciplined brats they were. I even made statements like "Well, when I become a parent…" or the ever popular "If that were MY kid…" I've learned that those statements don't get you anywhere. It's just critical. Plus, kids are great at keeping things interesting and throwing curve balls. I wouldn't trade ours for anything. Ever.

…I used to have an ego the size of Canada. It worked for a while (or so I thought) but I ended up missing out on a lot of other wonderful surprises because of my own big head.

…I thought friendships with girls were only gossipy and boy-crazy times where we'd all just wait around for the next cat fight (because you KNOW it will happen). I've been surprised at some of the closest friendships I have. They are way better than I ever could have dreamed.

…I used to look up to those who were older than me. I still do.

…I dreamed of what I'd be like when I was older. I'm nothing like I thought but I like who I am.

…I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish. That list is almost done. Time to make a new one.

…I dreamed of finding the perfect husband who I could join forces and conquer the world with. I found him (well, he found me!). We haven't conquered the world but I love the little world we've got together.

What about you? When you were younger, fill in the blank.



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