when kid drama threatens to become mama drama


 As I’ve mentioned before ProfBff’s DD is a bit of a polly perfect.  She loves being the center of attention and often is.  For most of her tender years, other kids have happily done her bidding.  The downside is that when she does something wrong she balks at admitting it.  She has become completely invested in being PP.  

 Recently she’s turned into a bit of a mean girl with fMhgirl who as she ages is less willing to let PP run the show.  The result? HUGE kid drama when fMhgirl got mad at PP for being bossy the other day. fMhgirl retaliated by refusing to let PP borrow something when she refused to apologize, and PP got her back by telling fMhgirl she was no longer her friend and refusing to play or speak with her.

SIGH our neighborhood has a small cluster of little girls and I swear I’m longing for the boys just punching one another at this point in the #girldrama 

ProfBff and I stayed out of it until the final stages when PP pulled a bunch of mean girl stuff on fMhgirl at a recent get-to-gether.  PP got punished, for which she seems to blame fMhgirl and now we’re well into a kid-feud.

Kid drama is to be expected in life, but when it starts spilling over into MamaDrama, I get annoyed.  I’ve texted ProfBff several times about related and un-related matters and received no response. I’ve been the mama of the offending kid and I know how emotional it can get, so I understand her stepping back a bit.  Still when she stopped responding, I started to worry, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about PP behavior.  Maybe ProfBff is now mad at me.  

so dear readers,  I'm asking how do you keep kid drama from becoming MamaDrama?

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