When Lawn Fungus Attacks

But I’m a Fun-Guy! – When Lawn Fungus Attacks

11 Jul, 2014 at 4:00 pm | Written by: Kristen Graczyk

Written by Kristen Graczyk @ Graczyk Lawn & Landscape

Many homeowners are so focused on keeping their lawn free of insects and other pests that they don’t realize they need to be equally concerned with lawn fungus. Lawn fungus can be absolutely lethal to a lawn in a way few pests are. If you’re unaware of the behavior of fungal spore you may be creating an environment ripe for fungal growth right now. Worse, even conscientious homeowners may still find their lawns under attack despite their best efforts. Especially during periods of unseasonably high rainfall, lawn fungus may rapidly cripple your lawn, cost you a bunch of money in extra lawn service, and leave unseemly patches in your lawn.

Common Types of Lawn Fungus...

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