WHEN LIFE GETS TOO BUSY....OUT OF BALANCE.....Are You Living Your Own Dream or Someone Elses?


I see so many people ZOOMING through life I truly wonder if they know where they are going… Are they living their own dream or are they living someone else’s dream for them…..Why are they constantly in such a fast state of motion…….Most people seem in too big of a hurry…….

I think when we rush or hurry on a continual basis to me it speaks of a life that is either avoiding dealing with issues so they rush or a life out of alignment……When we take on too much in life we often are taking on other people’s problems or other people’s dreams…….If we slow down we may realize that we are living not our own dream for our lives but someone else’s…..Staying in a state of being rushed keeps us from looking too close at our own lives….

I feel people clutter up their lives with busyness…Things to do….that seem endless. People clutter their homes and other areas of their lives as a way often to cover up something that is lacking. I feel people also clutter up their lives with busyness to avoid dealing with deeper issues…..

When we begin to live someone else’s dream or travel their road to success we often mess up…..We have to discover our own dreams for our lives and find our own roads to take to get there….Everyone’s road is different. Everyone’s way to get to their dream is different. Trying to copy someone else’s way is simply going to get us lost in most cases  as well as cause us to lose who we are and our authenticity…..

Overloading our lives to compensate for a life out of alignment is simply a way to not have to look at what we are doing….why we are doing it….For if we look too close we may want to change things and many people are simply afraid of change…..Change can be good or not so good depending upon the change made.

Often people do not believe that they can make their dream happen so they follow someone else’s dream instead…..or someone else’s way of getting there…..People lose their authenticity in so many ways and copying after someone else or following someone else’s road is often the way most people lose sight of their own dreams….creating busyness to simply cover up what may be unhappyness underneath…

Some people simply learn busyness as a lifestyle….Busyness is not the same as being productive….The two are different…..Busy can be good when it is done in conjunction with being productive and achieving the resutls we want….But being overly busy is rarely if ever good….

A life in alignment is one that has balance…..Balance comes in many forms and in many areas of our lives….A Balanced life can be a busy life but usually not an overly busy life…..Make sure if you are busy it is truly what you want to be doing and going in the direction that you truly want to be going in…..A Busy Life can be a Happy Life as long as one is on the right roads for who they are.....


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