When a Not-So-Small Town is Struck: Rape Culture

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“What happened to you, Jessica?”

And I had to end the conversation.

THAT is rape culture.  If I am not a victim, I am not allowed to have an opinion.  If I am a victim, well, my story needs to be heard so I can be told I should have been able to prevent it, I should have been able to avoid it, I should have, I should have, I should have…

And giving money to guys who want to joke about it?  Literally buying into the joke?

“It’s very likely that in some of these interactions with these guys, at some point or another someone told a rape joke. You, decent guy that you are, understood that they didn’t mean it, and it was just a joke. And so you laughed.

And, decent guy who would never condone rape, who would step in and stop rape if he saw it, who understands that rape is awful and wrong and bad, when you laughed?

That rapist who was in the group with you, that rapist thought that you were on his side. That rapist knew that you were a rapist like him. And he felt validated, and he felt he was among his comrades.”

Click on that text.  Read that link.  It’s not long, but it says SO MUCH that needs to be said.

Rape culture isn’t going to get rid of itself.  And it sure as hell isn’t going away if we leave it to others to fight the battle for us.


You can find updates to the struggle my hometown is having in getting this abhorrent drink and business removed by following the (peaceful) boycott group's facebook page here

Originally posted on Domestic Pirate.


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