When pretty isn't pretty enough!

A recent class discussion about beauty and misrepresentation of beauty among movie stars has really started my blood to boiling!  All the beautiful people, the beautiful movie stars that I would kill to look like are actually photoshopped after doing the photos???  What’s up with this crap?  I looked at photos of beautiful women and men, yet they were not beautiful enough for the movie industry or the magazines?  What type of society have we become that we have to present a fake, Goddess image in order to be presentable to the world?  It sickens me that a size 12 is not considered normal.  It sickens me that a wholesome beautiful woman in her 40’s, 50’s, etc. is not considered beautiful unless her wrinkles are photoshopped off!  Have we really become such a vain society that we do not accept beauty in age, beauty in individualism and differences?  Why can’t we embrace the little quirks, the crooked smile, the unruly hair, the dimpled cheek, or the darker skin tones and see that NO ONE is perfect?  Why must the media present to the world an unacceptable image of what women and men should look like, when in reality it is totally unobtainable to all?

I remember when Kendra (the ex-playboy bunny) had her baby.  She had a photo shoot a month later and the layout was stunning.  She was in a bikini, looking thin and trim and beautiful.  I still have stretch marks and a flabby belly from my pregnancy two years ago!  I felt like crap, like I was not doing something right or I would have bounced back into shape.  Later I watched her show and she was in tears because she had to have the photo shoot!  She had not lost any of the baby weight; she had stretch marks, and the flabby tummy.  She cried because she didn’t know what to do regarding the photo shoot.  Her people told her not to worry they would photoshop the picture and she would be beautiful, which is what they did after taking the photos.  I admired her for being honest on her show and telling the world “this is me, the real me and I have stretch marks and a flabby belly.”

Why do we set impossible standards for women to live up to?  Why do we accept the beauty rules set forth by society or men or whoever is setting these impossible standards for women?  I think that the movie stars, famous people, singers, etc. should be brave enough to stand their ground and refuse for companies to mess with their pictures.  If they have the talent to get them to where they are, how dare some producer or agent dictate what they should look like?  By allowing this type of behavior they are further enforcing the beauty rules or myths that all women look like Barbie dolls.  Some day our little girls will be very sad when they realize that only in the make believe world of Hollywood do women look so perfect, and then it’s only if their photos have been altered for perfection!


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