When Should You Cleanse Your Natural Hair?

Image 1The natural hair journey is completely different for each individual. Some naturals shampoo their hair each day (yikes!).  Some shampoo every few days or so, and others cleanse their hair about as often as they did when they went to the salon as a relaxed beauty. Is there a right way or wrong way? Well, there certainly are some fundamentals to it all. Is there a golden number as to how often should you cleanse your hair? It depends on your hair type, texture, and condition. Here's the skinny on that.....

Thick hair/tight curls: Naturals with thick tresses and/or tight curls could probably go longer without a shampoo, and let's face it, more often than not they do go longer because who wants to face the hair drama that comes with detangling and the amount of hours it takes to just put in 6-8 twists let alone a more polished style?  My hair is thick and it holds moisture pretty well, so I fall in this category and will go an embarrassingly long time (4 weeks sometimes) before I shampoo my hair. But hey, if it doesn't feel dirty, the curls are in tact, and you can rock a style, why not wait?  The less manipulation you can do, the better.   However, if you start to see fur balls, I mean hair balls and matted strands (like I do sometimes...smh), it might mean you need to get to the shampoo bowl, sink, or shower with the quickness!

Not thick, not thin...we'll call it medium: Naturals who are in between thick and fine textured curls may not be able to go as long as someone with thicker hair, but certainly a daily shampoo is not necessary.  While it's your prerogative to shampoo as often as you'd i.e., you may find that your curls look better day two or day three.  As soon as the style goes limp, then you may need to cleanse your hair.  If you haven't attempted going longer than a day, try it...you just may find out how much you like it.

Girls with the fine curls/hair: Alright, you're probably rolling your eyes by now at all the chicks who can go a long time without a cleanse because you know your hair needs to be shampooed more frequently; even if you don't feel like dealing with it. The truth about those with a finer texture of hair is that it always feels like it's dirty and/or oily. Fine hair is least likely to hold a style for more a few minutes or hours, so keeping a style for an entire day is typically out of the question.  Simply put, you may need to indulge in a daily or every other day regimen.

The curly truth: While hair texture plays a large role, so does the overall condition of the hair.  If the hair is damaged in any way, variations need to be made to the hair routine for hair to receive the proper treatments. All in all, best practice is to cleanse the hair as often as needed to maintain healthy, moisturized, curls. If your hair doesn't look or feel very healthy, you may need to find a different routine.

What do you think?  How often do you cleanse your hair and why?



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