When is a Single Mum no Longer a Single Mum?

I have been asking myself the question in the title of this post for the last week or so and I am still not sure of the answer. I guess I am technically still a single mum? I think at least, but for a while now I have stopped feeling that way.

I have had boyfriends since having Milo, and all were kind and caring, but I still very much felt like a single mum whilst in those relationships. I still felt wholy responsible for Milo, I was still doing 90% of the work in the times when he was staying with me and whilst they were both great at playing with him and probably did their best to support me, we weren't a true family unit, not really. This has changed though. Milo, 'The Englander' and I make 3. We make a unit, a clan, a family and it means the world to me. He has so seamlessly fit in to our little household that it seems odd that he wasn't always around. Milo hasn't even blinked an eyelid as to the fact that there is an extra person in the living room when he wakes up each morning, happily singing out 'The Englander's' name upon entering the living room in my arms.

I must admit that in my single mum days, I would often wonder about what it would have been like to have had a child, with the dad living with us. How different it would have been. I had an insight in to my friend's lives, most of whom have partners, and I of course had more then a handful of moments of envy as I heard their tales of supportive husbands and their family outings and holidays. There were loads of things that I wanted to do with Milo but I just didn't feel right doing them alone with him. The trips to the lakes, or sitting at a beergarden on a lazy Sunday afternoon for example, and now I am starting to take all these little dreams and make them a reality and it is just how I had hoped, even better to tell the truth.

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