When the Sun Comes Out Again

There is no doubt that most people are struggling right now to manage completely out of hand holiday schedules.  Myself included (see here:  http://mylifeincontradictions.blogspot.com/2011/12/can-i-write-this-without-cursing.html.  or here:  http://mylifeincontradictions.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-want-to-write-i-really-do.html).  Add to that some really gloomy weather here in the upper midwest - probably six completely gray days out of the last seven or eight.  And yet, just now Sophie B Hawkins came on my radio, singing one of my favorite songs "As I Lay Me Down".  I was really just enjoying hearing it again and then was struck by the lyrics "when the sun comes out again" and looked out my office window to see clear blue skies and sunshine.  Deep breath...the sun is here again.  It's always there, even when there are clouds and drizzle.  Happy holidays everyone!

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