When Traveling Goes from Good to Bad

As a parent, I generally expect some complications to arise with just about everything I do. Whether it is going to the grocery store when we should technically be having down time or actually going on full fledge vacations. Either way we are bound to have some complications but I never shy away. 

Sadly, our family just did a massive vacation and found ourselves "stuck". We started out with everything going great, zero complications and routine generally perfect. Our vacation was to Florida, took 2 days to drive there but was worth the many hours in the car. 

Traveling Can Be a Blast... Until 

We hit that point. The point of no happiness, and the point of pure evil. This is the point my son decides I am the scum of the world and he will not speak to me in any way but a nasty way. This point makes my blood boil. He knows I don't like it, he knows it gets him in trouble, but he continues to do it. For days. 


When we hit this point, I want to disappear. It breaks my heart. I know it is because every aspect of our lives are completely flipped and he's outside of his comfort zone, but why am I the focus of his hatred? I am Mommy. I come with hugs, kisses and all things comfort. 

Traveling can be very hard on an Autistic child, but we've lucked out and our son loves traveling. As long as we maintain an acceptable routine without excessive amounts of crowds and things he hates, we can do it. He may hate me by the end of the trip, but he loves the memories he creates while doing so. 

When we are going from consistent day to day schedule to an absolute uproar, I expect some set backs; and put on my happy face until we return home and I get that long awaited hugged. 

Never Giving Up 

No matter how bad attitudes get, we never give up. I know he merely just wants some structure back and to feel like his whole world isn't crashing down around him; so I never give up. I am generally a very strict parent, but when we are traveling I am much more understanding of the outbursts and sudden throat choking wars going on. 

In the end, as long as I know we tried to have fun, have a few photos of the great things we attempted; it was a trip worth the pain. Sure, we might not be able to go to crowded places or experience some of the largest theme parks around, but we get to do all the other cool things most people don't even know about! 

Traveling can be hard around here, but it is something we will never stop doing; even though I am a home body. 

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