When TV Can be Good for Moms

Moms are constantly crowded with information that TV is bad always and you should never let anyone in your family watch it. Between overstimulation and violent programs, the dangers of TV always seem to outweigh any positives. Many parents have even considered canceling their TV subscriptions all together to save their children from the harmful effects of TV.

The truth is, everything is alright in moderation. Additionally, TV programming has come a long way in the last few years, and there are actually some positive ways that you can expose your children to TV that might actually benefit them in the future. Even more, TV time can be a big help to moms who are overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some examples of times when TV can be a good thing for moms.

When you need to entertain your kids

Although TV has been cast as the parenting method for “lazy moms”, there are some times when TV can be a good entertainment option for your kids. TV shows today engage kids in a positive way, so that they will be entertained for the entire show. That way, you can get the work done that you need to do without worrying about what trouble your kids are getting into. So instead of putting your kids in a box while you pay bills, clean the house or do whatever other time consuming task you need to do, having them watch a little TV is not a bad idea. This website can even help you save money by combining your TV and internet services, a win-win for moms.

When you want to teach your kids something

As briefly mentioned before, todays TV shows for kids can be educational and help your kids expand their minds. You can set your TVs parental settings so that your children can only watch appropriate channels and be sure that they are only watching educational programs. You can do some research on the TV shows that you think might be good for your kids and encourage them to watch those specific shows. You can keep the learning going by going over what they learned in that day’s show with them later.

When you want to relax

Everyone needs some down time, especially moms. We need time to reset and recharge so that we can perform the exhausting jobs that moms need to do. Giving yourself a little TV time is a great way to do this. Spending an hour in front of the TV watching your favorite drama or comedy can help you release stress and gain a little strength back to tackle the day again. You can even end the day in a relaxing way by watching a family-friendly movie with your kids.

When you need a break from being mom

In continuation with the first point, mom is a full time job, but everyone needs a break once in a while. You can use TV to escape from being mom for a little while and spend some time just being you. This could mean watching a juicy drama series or a romantic comedy that makes you feel like a kid again.


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