When Violence Strikes a University

It's almost unheard of for a woman to go into a workplace or a school and shoot people.  Profiles of workplace shooters do not even involve the idea that a woman would kill her co-workers, but it happens.

In Huntsville, Alabama, on February 12, 2010, the unthinkable happened.  Amy Bishop allegedly walked into her place of employment and shot her co-workers.  The twist in this story is that her place of employment was the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where Bishop was a Biology assistant professor and had just received word earlier that day that she had been denied tenure.

Though Bishop was seen as one of the most promising researchers at the University, where she was conducting research on ALS, she still was denied tenure, which apparently led to her walking into the school and shooting 6 co-workers, 5 of whom were professors.  Three of those professors died.

Many people offered theories as to why she would commit such an act.  Some said that it made no sense because "a woman doesn't need to go postal as the system is heavily stacked in her favour" and that "she doesn't need to get angry and violent, just pouty, (temporarily) naive and (seemingly) sexually seductive to manipulate an abundance of 'willing'" men to shoot for her.  Others blame the violence on her being a liberal, which they could only justify based on a review of her done on ratemyprofessors.com by a former student; oddly, some justified it because she was a liberal.

A very telling statement in the whole thing is that when a local news reporter asked her why she killed 3 people, she replied, "It didn't happen...There's no way...They're still alive."  Maybe even Dr. Bishop doesn't understand why she did what she allegedly did.


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