When We Are Sure We Can’t Survive – We Somehow Do

Now I have an answer for the often debated questions, Would you really want to know what is going to happen in your life before it happened? My answer, for sure, is “No.”

I am certain that if we saw, in full color, any of the events or situations in our lives that we were sure we couldn’t live through before they happened, it would make us worry about it every day until it finally happened. If your entire family was going to be killed by an intruder and you would survive, do you want to see that whole horror played out in your mind before it happened so that you would know everything in full detail? I wouldn’t. Or what if Amanda Knox knew before she left to study abroad in Italy that she would be falsely accused of her roommate’s murder and spend four years in an Italian jail fighting for her life isolated from her family and friends, would she be able to face that – because it was going to happen anyway.

Looking back on the difficult times of my life such as my boyfriend being killed by a drunk driver when I was 17, my dad dying in a fire, or the terror of my husband’s sleep disorder for 6 years while we had three babies, I wouldn’t have believed I could survive those events if I knew they were coming. Hindsight rather than foresight is really a gift.

The point is our human spirit survives even the most horrendous events and situations we would bet a million dollars we couldn’t get through. One moment at a time we find a way to breathe again, often with round-the-clock support from family and friends. Then one day we are managing, perhaps a dismal existence, on our own again. Hopefully before long something  ignites that spark in our eyes and we find a way to begin life anew.

One of the greatest gifts we give each other as human beings is proof that we can survive and go on to live brilliant lives. Your first reaction might be Oh, I couldnt do what she did.  When in reality if one human being does something it means ITS POSSIBLE. Just look up: Sir Earnest Shackleton, Louie Zamperini, Juliane Koepcke, or Charla Nash to name a few.

The two points of looking at any of these heroic people are 1) They survived and 2) You will probably not face the level of intensity that they did so you can survive. The purpose of paying attention to amazing human spirits who have survived, as well as the things in your own life you thought you couldn’t get through but somehow did, is to draw strength to thrive not just survive.

Life is meant for living. Too many people put themselves on the bench in life for too long because “stuff” has happened to them. Life is messy sometimes but well worth the mess if you will engage. I can assure you of two things today. 1) You can choose to survive and 2) You don’t want foresight but can thrive by learning from your hindsight.

Carpe Diem!


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