When will Black Widow get top billing?

Black Widow in Captain America Poster

There are many reasons to like "Captain America: the Winter Soldier" the newest addition to Marvel's superhero movie franchise.

Car Crash in Captain America, Marvel

Image credit: Marvel

1.The opening car chase scene is old-school movie fun that had me gasping.


Image Credit: Marvel Captain America

Image credit: Marvel

2.The "big bad" is relevant to today's headlines involving privacy and personal data.

Nick Fury: We're gonna neutralize a lot of threats before they even happen.
Captain America/Steve Rogers: I thought the punishment usually came after the crime.


Marvel / Falcon
Image credit: Marvel
3. While the wings are a little clunky, the introduction of Anthony Mackie as the Falcon is welcome.

Image credit: Marvel

4.The Winter Soldier smolders.

Winter Soldier
Image credit: Marvel

5. Clever pop-culture references poke fun at Steve Rogers' adjustment to modern day. Don't miss the excellent shout out to Pulp Fiction!

Marvel Cap and Widow
Image credit: Marvel

With all of the above you could have a decent movie, but my favorite scenes involve the baddassery that is Scarlett Johannsen as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow.
Her snark level is as high as her round-house kick and she's the one Cap needs to puzzle out an ever-widening conspiracy.

Marvel Cap and Widow
Image credit: Marvel

Much of the plot moves forward with the two as partners, enlisting Falcon when it appears they have no where else to turn. The trio find the Winter Soldier blocking their efforts to rid the world of the "big bad" but who is putting him up to it? Just enough is revealed to warrant a sequel or three. In fact, as all Marvel movie fans know by now, the credits are interrupted not once, but twice, to reveal extra tidbits.

Since "Iron Man 2,"  Scarlett Johansson has excelled in this kick ass role.

Isn't it time to highlight this female member of the Avengers and give her the starring role?


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