When Will We Grow Some Balls as a Nation?

Friday, a young man shot his way into an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut and murdered 20 children and six adults. I've heard and read comments from people who are shocked and saddened as I am. But the most senseless comment I've heard so far is "I don't feel sorry for the children, they are with Jesus. I feel sorry for the parents". 

And I responded with "Are you kidding me? Some of these children were shot at close range." All of these babies left this world terrified, not understanding what was happening around them. Their little lives were snuffed out. Never will they go on another picnic, pageant or parade. Nor will their parents see the magic of Christmas in their eyes in just 9 days. How will their parents deal with Christmas? 
This madman took these precious lives just 11 days before the most sacred Christian holiday. The day Christians celebrate the birth of their savior. And you tell me these children are safe and in peace with Jesus now? Are you fucking nuts? They died in fear, in horror. 
There are heroes who died yesterday. The teachers hid their children and calmed them as best as they could. 
Someone posted a photo in my FaceBook feed with a teacher in Israel who had an assault rifle strapped to her back, leading her children into their school. I don't want that in our country.
Lets talk about assault rifles. Most of the children died from multiple gunshots, all inflicted with a Bushmaster .223 that looks a lot like my M-16 did when I was in the army. What is the need for an average citizen to own one of these weapons? 
When are we going to wake up and unite against the right to own these weapons of war and mass murder? When are we going to stand up to the NRA as mothers, sisters, and daughters and say "Enough is Enough DAMMIT". How about a million woman march?
When will we get a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter into the highest office of our country, surely a woman won't be bought and sold by the NRA.  


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