When Women Succeed, America Succeeds

Earlier this year in February, there was an absolutely wonderful forum hosted at Mills College that addressed economic diversity especially as it relates to women. There were several political figures and women of power who participated in the forum. The most beautiful thing that came out of that forum was simply that “when women succeed, America succeeds”.

STOP for just one minute and let that soak in.
Man, that is a huge statement. That statement is loaded with confidence, power and boldness. I LOVE IT! And as you listen to the forum, you will see that it is not just hype but lots of statistics and research was done to support that very powerful statement. Here is the link to that video. This one is quite lengthy and involved.

BUT I found another video that was just right for this post. It was done by Kim Castle on KimTV. Awesome stuff. She is talking about why women are dying to succeed. She understands the plight of high-achieving women who refuse to live a mediocre life.

Check it out and you will see what I mean.


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