When You're in the Water of Motherhood

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When you are in the water, you don’t know you are wet. You don’t feel the wetness. You don’t actually feel how wet you really are until you are out of the water. Or if you are dry and get splashed by the water, then you are sensitive to the wetness. But, when you are in the midst of the wetness… immersed… drowning even… you don’t feel wet. There is just water all around you.

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It is necessary to dry off every once in a while… get out of the water for a bit. It is so refreshing to dry off. Like the feeling of a warm summer evening swim; when you get out of the pool and you are chilly because the water is lifting off of your body and evaporating into the air. Your senses are heightened during the drying off process. You become lighter. You become… well… dried off.

My water is my home life. I get so overwhelmed by the expectations and responsibilities. When I am in the midst of that, I don’t feel the saturation. The water permeates my soul. I don’t feel my fingers pruning… even though they are. My goggles and my view start to get cloudy. I get water logged and bloated from being in the water for too long. I start wading and floating instead of swimming.

It isn’t until I go out with my girlfriends and allow myself time to get out of the water that I begin to feel the weight of the saturation being lifted… evaporating into the air. My pruning fingers dry up. My goggles and cloudy view become clear again. I feel separate from the wetness of the expectations and responsibilities. I feel refreshed… renewed… re-energized.

Once I am dry… I am ready to jump back in. I am ready to feel wet again. I am ready to swim the necessary laps. I am ready for the expectations and responsibility my home life demands. That is… until I get too wet. Then I know I have to get out of the water… and dry off yet again.


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