While we're still on the plane en route to Incheon, South Korea, my husband asked me the conversion rate of a dollar to peso. He frequently asked the same question because he couldn't wrap around his head onto it yet. Of course, this was his first time to go international and the first time to see a world so different from his own home.

After more than a day of traveling, he  understood what a real jet lag is, with his body clock leaping into different time zones. Then, he came to the experience of "money calculation" ----from pesos to dollars. At first,  each time he wanted to buy something or just shopped around, he asked me again how much  a particular item cost in dollars. His eyes lit up as he said, "That's cheap." Instantly, I could sense there's something bubbly and giddy inside him because he added, " Of course, I'll buy it."

The cost of a movie in a cinema  is  two bucks here, while back in Connecticut, USA,  it ranges from $9 to $11 for a regular movie. The spa craze caught him too. He became addicted to massages and the spa services in the mall near our place where everything is listed from $ 5.00 to $25.00 per service. The average price of the cheapest spa service in my town, New Haven is $45.00. Fast food whole meal (including drinks) for one person in Davao costs a little over a dollar. Wakeborading for a whole day in Connecticut is $26.00  (excluding the helmet) while in the Philippines,  you can enjoy this extreme sport for $7.00 for the same amount of time, including the whole gear. He almost bought a house when he learned he could buy a big, new, and very nice digs in  a private gated community for the price of $70,000. In here, he could live like a king.



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