When you first started your blog, What was your first thought? What was your Intention?

These are questions, that I just had to ask you all. I want to know, what process you went through when you decided to start a blog?  Were you sitting at your computer and decided to just start a blog?  Was there a reason? Did you start up your blog because you heard other people were doing it? Or was it unintentional? 

Here's another question. Did you start a blog, thinking that it would be easy? If you're a talkative person, did you think that you would never run out of things to write, because you never seem to run out of things to talk about? Yeah, well that's exactly what I thought. I thought for sure that it wouldn't be that challenging.  I figured that it couldn't possibly be that hard. I mean, I love to talk and I love to write. So, when Mom suggested a blog, I was nervous. Basically, because I knew that whatever I created, would go live on the web. But, I thought it can't be that hard to talk and write. I do it all the time.

But, it's different when you get started and then you realize that it's an ongoing thing. It's not just a couple of ideas. You need to be thinking and creating all the time. You need to have more than a few topics to blog about. Well, I certainly didn't know that.  But, I have definitely learned that now. Many of you, have been blogging for years. You've seen the ups and downs. You were blogging when it wasn't popular and when many people had  no clue what blogging was. Many of you, know what it's like to write and feel like your words are not being read and your voice, unheard. 

But, I say to you, you all are the Pioneers of Blogging. And it hasn't been easy. 

What do you think about Blogging? What advice would you give to curious and/or new bloggers? Bloggers that think they know what blogging is, before they even invest into it?  Or would let them learn  on their own and discover themselves on their personal journeys?


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