When you get the chance to sit it out or swim

I hope you swim. (with all due credit to Lee Ann Womack).

This is one of those "women things" like always taking the pictures and not being in them.

 The voice in our head says:

  • I am too fat
  • I am too skinny
  • I have scars or stretchmarks
  • I look awful in a swimsuit
  • I can't swim
  • I don't want to embarrass my kids (or husband or self)
  • I am afraid of the water

I am challenging you to tell that voice in your head to kindly "shut up".

Put on a swim suit or even a t-shirt and pair of shorts and get in the water and have fun. Sit on the steps or stay in the shallow end if you can't swim. Splash around with your kids (or nieces and nephews or grandkids or whomever). Toss a ball to them. Squirt them with a water soaker. Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy the moment.

Release your inhibitions. Feel the water on your skin. No one else can feel it for you. Only you can let it in. (with all due credit to Natasha Bedenfield)

I am overweight. I don't have a swim suit. But today I got in the pool with my son and played with him. And we laughed and had fun and made some happy memories for both of us.

Much happier than if I sat on the sidelines and just watched him have fun.


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