When You Would Rather Text Than Talk

Trying To Teach my Mom

I'm not a phone person.  I feel guilty about it when it comes to my relationship with my parents, especially my mom, because she'd like to hear from me more often.  I've been trying to bring her in to the digital age.  Impossible I thought.  But my dad has an iPad and has had an iphone for a while, so he's been limping in.  I try to do the obligitory call once a week and let her know that there's nothing new, that hubby and I are both good, the babies are growing, etc.  

But sometimes one week turns into two weeks, then I'm in the third week and I start getting messages where she says "whats the matter don't you love me anymore?".  See now I'm starting to feel guilty just because it's been a few weeks.  I have to confess, sometimes I call when I know she won't answer, and just leave a message.  Please don't tell her!  haha.  i wish she would text me

I send her photo's of the babies every couple of weeks.  i should call her soon

But then there's every day life stuff.  I need to make the doggies grooming appointments.  Turbo and Holly need their teeth cleaned and vaccinations.  I should make an appointment with Stanley Steamer.  And I put it off and put it off until you can no longer tell that the puppies have eyes.  Wow, I just jolted myself into action and made appointments for grooming next week and 2 of them can go in for dentals and shots on Friday.

Is there anyone else out there like me that would rather text than talk?  Actually the question really is:  Is there anyone out there My Age that would rather text than talk?  


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