When Your Friend's Husband is a Jerk

Last weekend I went to a dear friend's birthday party. It was held in her big, fabulous house in the suburbs.  It being in the suburbs is relevant only because that's where I'm most likely to find parties made up of all couples...and me. Actually there were two other single women there, but we were a mere blip amongst the 20 or so couples. Or maybe we weren't a blip; maybe it was more like a beacon.  

Shortly after I arrived, a guy approached me. He was handsome and smiling and I thought, "Oh, birthday girl invited a single guy for me.  How nice."  We chatted for quite awhile, flirting a bit, and laughing about his day and mine, and various and sundry life events. He was especially interested in my book, The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for LivingHappily Single and Childfree, and asked lots of questions about my experiences as a single woman. 


Then, his WIFE wandered over.   I guess he forgot to mention her.  At no time in our lengthy conversation did he mention a wife...or his kids. It didn't even occur to me to ask if he was married because surely a married man wouldn't monopolize my time so blatantly, right?  Silly me. 

What's worse is that Wife is a woman with whom I am friendly. Awkward. The three of us chatted for a few more minutes and them I excused myself.  Brazenly, he continued to show up wherever I happened to be.  He clearly saw no reason for us not to continue i retracting...though I did. I'm not interested in spending lots of time with my friend's husband.  I was also conscious of how it might feel to her and look to others. So I avoided him.  Or tried to.   Read more:









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