When your spouse is away... what routines do you do?

When your military spouse is on deployment, TDY, etc, what do you do to keep yourself going?  Do you have routines, rituals or something that changes when s/he is gone?

I'll start, even though my husband has only been gone for two weeks.  Right now, he's not deployed, just at his new duty station while I stay behind to sell the house. 

I like to keep busy.  For example, last night even though I was exhausted after a full day of work, I got the orbital sander out and finished sanding down all of the kitchen cupboard doors. Even though it's frustrating that we aren't together, I feel like I'm doing something to help rectify that by working hard to get the house ready to be put up for sale... the sooner that happens, the sooner it can be sold and we can be together again!

I also sleep with one of his shirts that has his cologne on it. Smelling that while I sleep is comforting as I sleep better when he's around anyway. We also try to talk before I go to bed each night (3 hour time difference) and randomly text/e-mail when we can.  I know this will change when he's deployed and I won't have ANY communication with him for 4 months, but it's nice to do right now.

What do you do?


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