"When's the Baby Due?" It's Not: The Gestation Accusation

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[Editor's Note: I never, ever ask anyone if they're pregnant. Not even the lady breathing heavily in the corner, cursing her husband for "doing this to her." I've endured a "gestation accusation" like Jen of Maybe If You Just Relax, and I never want to make someone else feel that way. That said, Jen handled it much better than I did, that's for certain. Have you ever endured a gestation accusation? -Jenna]

Gestation Accusation:

i and love and youThe second time was a couple weeks ago. I was waddling walking to my car with my friend to go eat lunch at Olive Garden. Some lady who works in our building was sitting in her car and talking on her phone - I don't know her but I already hated her because she walks around the atrium of our building like it's her track and field and gives dirty looks should you dare need to access the elevator and interrupt her imaginary atrium half-marathon.

So anyway, that apparent mutual disdain being the extent of our relationship, she felt it appropriate to hang her head out her car window, point her finger, and yell, "You're having another Bayyyyy-beeeee!!!"

Read on to see how she handled it.

Photo Credit: cammi_ruffino.

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