Where are all the middle-aged women bloggers?

Okay, I'm a real newby, and I realize, at this stage of my blogging life, I’m largely talking to myself, but I’ve been doing this fairly regularly for more than two months now, and I still can’t decide what I want my blog to be. I write like I’m going to be graded. I’ve been wandering around the Internet, going from blog to blog, finding blogs I sort of like and linking to blogs those bloggers like, but I can’t seem to hear the voice I want to hear. (I should note that I’ve pretty much restricted my search to blogs by women, which in many — but certainly not all — cases kind of limits the conversation to the traditional women’s topics: love, relationships, parenting, fashion, body image, equality, etc.)

I’ll admit it. I envy the mommybloggers. Twenty years ago — barely married, relocated and jobless, holed up in a Victorian three-flat in Chicago with two very small boys and no one to talk to — I would have found those sites a lifeline, a very Godsend. But, despite the obvious fact that theirs are among the most powerful and prolific voices on the Web, the Mommys don’t speak to or for me. I have different issues now, and I’d like to talk about them and hear others talk as well.

I enjoy the literary blogs, particularly Maud Newton, with her combination of literary insights, family history and life in the Big City. I learned of her and several other great literary/arts blogs from another favorite blog by WSJournal critic Terry Teachout. And who couldn’t love Bossy? (Good luck on your trip, girl!) But there are some pretty dark voices out there, and while I enjoy a well-written rant, I tend to stay away from the really angry bloggers.

It’s not like I’m a neophyte. I may not choose to have a Facebook or a MySpace site, but back in the day I would almost daily log onto alt.fashion (”What are YOU wearing today?”) and alt.depression (with its multiple threads) to check in and join in the conversation. Does anyone else remember these sites? Am I such a dinosaur? It was just the ’90s! I know you’re out there!

If you are a woman of a certain age (doesn’t that sound better than middle-aged?) and know of blogs that talk comprehensively about this wonderful, frustrating stage of life, please let me know.

We need to talk.

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