Where are the Mom bloggers with teenaged children??

I read lots of blogs.  I enjoy reading blogs.  I read cooking blogs and I read political blogs.  Baking blogs and blogs about gardening.  I like blogs because they are different than newspapers or magazines.  They don’t always have to be researched, and can be satirical, funny, serious or ridiculous.  Anything goes in the blogging world. 

However, the types of blogs I like to read best are parenting blogs.  However, I will tell you there are not very many blogs out there with people who are parenting teenagers.  It seems there are a million baby bloggers, toddler bloggers and even elementary age bloggers.  Bloggers with middle school and teenaged children seem to be few and far between.  Why is that?

It isn’t as if there aren't many people blogging about poarenting tweens and teen because we are so sure that we know what we are doing.  It isn’t as if we are done parenting.  In fact, I am fond of saying that my teenagers require more time and attention from me now that they are teenagers than when they were younger.  It is a different kind of time and attention, but they still require LOTS of it!!!

They need to be driven places, given money for stuff, monitored with regard to phone calling, Facebook messaging, texting, looking for jobs, learning how to drive.  Who they should date, what they should do on a date, when they should date.  Did they do their chores, mow the grass, take out the trash? No, you can’t get a tattoo.  No you can’t pierce your tongue.  You need to wait until you are 18. The list goes on and on and on.

I will readily admit that they can usually do things like feed themselves, dress themselves, and cook a little.  They usually know when they should shower, and that they should brush their teeth at least twice a day.  However, you need to be aware that just because they DO know these things doesn’t mean they do them when they are supposed to.  Or that they do them at all.  I can tell you that if I had a nickel for every time I have asked my tenagers if they have brushed their teeth or taken a shower since they turned 13, I would be able to buy myself a plane ticket to Hawaii.  And since I live on the East Coast that is a LOT of nickels.

I know I can’t be the only person in the cyber universe who is a blogger and blogs about teenagers.  Where are you fellow teen mom bloggers?  NOT to be confused with teenagers who are mothers.  I am looking for mothers who happen to have teenagers.  Or middle schoolers.  Because there truly is a vast difference between middle school and high school youth. Yet somehow they have many of the same issues

So if you are a blogger with teenagers or tweens, or know someone who is a blogger with teenagers or tweens, please respond and let me know who they are!!  I can use all of the advice and help I can get.  If nothing else, we can lament and laugh together about the beasts, I mean kids, we call teens!!



Carol Rood

Coffee, Clutter and Chaos

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