where are my slippers?

so. i often wear slippers in the house. all year long. in the winter i pair them with cashmere socks. toasty yummy. problem is, when i take the slippers off to leave the house, Bailey, likes to take my slippers. he takes them to his couch and sits with them. often he lays on the slippers or he buries his snout inside so he can smell my stinky feet. yuck. whatever. so when i get home i usually hafta go looking for at least one slipper. its usually on the couch and slightly wet from him dragging it around.  with that in mind, i am often looking around for my slippers. this morning was no exception, however Bailey was not the thief this time. you see, i was upstairs getting dressed and had my slippers already ON, see and then for some reason and stepped out of them and walked over to the nightstand. while i was walking to the nightstand (to fetch who knows what) i said to myself: i wonder where my slippers are? and i instantly thought to blame Bailey. made a mental note to look for them later.  turned around to leave the room and whaddaya know? i stepped right ON my slippers! they were there all along? then i realized i had them on and then slipped them off (no idea why) only to wonder where they were.  DOH!



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