Where Can You Order A Clone?

I've been searching the vast world of internet shopping, but I can't find anywhere to buy a clone. Well, OK, there were some "life-like" dolls being sold on E-Bay, but that was just too creepy for me.

Looking carefully at my life, I have determined I need 3 clones--all endowed with MY standards, MY knowledge, MY way of doing everything. I definitely don't want any "Multiplicity"-type accidents happening. Each clone must be my perfect replica, and fully interchangeable.

Clone 1 and Clone 2 will both report to work every day. They wouldn't have to explain to each other what exactly they want done, because they think alike. I am sure they could easily stay busy all the time, and the WHOLE task list and all the great ideas would be achieved every day.

Clone 3 would be the one who takes care of the house. She would know my pet peeves because they would be her pet peeves, too. She would cook food I like, obviously. She would know to leave the washer door ajar after the last load so that the machine doesn't get stinky. She would check pockets before she washes anything. She'd have the closets around here straightened out! She might even be able to keep the houseplants alive.

All of my clones would be naturally endowed with my own sense of priorities and urgency. They couldn't be any better than I, because then I would start doubting myself. But they couldn't be a medium-quality copy, either, because then I wouldn't trust them to do things "right", as I define it.  And once all three clones had the home and job down pat? Then I...the original version...would have time to write and read and ....  well..... play with my husband.

I might even take a nap in the afternoon, while clone 3 does the grocery shopping.

Trish in AZ



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