Where Do Moms of Teens Go?

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I was looking around the internet the other day for a collaborative website (think Babble, or BlogHer) that includes A) Single moms, B) moms of teens C) Single moms of teens or any combination of the three.

I mean, there are places for singles women, newly divorced/going through a divorce women, pregnant women, women with fertility issues, new mommies, mommies of newborns, multiples, toddlers, kids. But once our children near the end of their childhood and stand on the cusp of teenhood, all of sudden, us mothers are, well on our own.


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Babies are all the same*... change them when they need it, feed them when they are hungry, teach them to walk and talk and keep them from bringing the house down around them and us. With teenagers we mothers have to navigate hormones, periods, boobs, pimples, dating, boys, mean girls, driving, curfews, attitudes, smart mouths, rolled eyes, slammed doors and stomping feet. Also? The silent treatment. There is no longer the question of breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, spank or time out. Now it’s too young to date, when to set curfew, how short/tight is too short/tight.

Parents of teens need a place to vent and get support when they hate us, and we just can’t take one more slammed door or rolled eye. And that’s just us. Their attitudes are so much worse and volatile.

Take for instance today, the girls have been gone most of the weekend, spending the night, hanging out with friends. Today, I made them stay home. I mean, after all, they do live here. Bad idea. By 3:00 I was ready to set them on the curb hoping a band of gypsies came by and picked them up. They could not sit on the same couch together without the UFC breaking out. They argued because one of them seriously thought she owned the jar of pickles in the fridge and threw a fit when the other ate one of ‘her pickles’. (I couldn’t make this up.) They couldn’t be in the same room together without fighting at decibels I wish I couldn’t hear.

Where is the place I go to find out I’m not alone, there are other moms living in the hormone charged war zone that is a home of more than one teenager? And how do they get through a day without killing one or all of them, or at the very least, running away?

How is it that this group of mothers has been overlooked and ignored? Are other moms of teens looking for a place on the internet to call ‘ours"’?

*That is not to say that babies are easy. Especially first babies when you have eleventy billion questions and you’re sure you're doing everything wrong, and you’ll screw up your kid before their first birthday. Trust me, you will.

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